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Campbell University surpasses Duke in bar pass rate, opens new clinic in bankruptcy

Campbell University, Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law announced that 119 of their 139 students taking the July bar passed the exam yielding an 85.61 percent bar pass rate in

Best schools for Hispanics: Florida schools dominate

Florida law schools continue to dominate Hispanic Business magazine’s annual ranking of the best law schools for diversity practices, with Florida International University Colle

Concordia students move to uIdaho after accreditation postponement

Concordia University School of Law has lost 16 students since the American Bar Association announced last month that it would postpone its accreditation for the new law school i

Best law buildings: 55 make honor roll

Prelaw magazine announced that 55 law schools will receive honors for best law school facilities in its Fall issue, including Syracuse University, Boston University, Fordham Uni


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