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New York adopts UBE; Will all states adopt?

New York State will begin using the Uniform Bar Examination in 2016, making it the fifteenth, and by far largest, state to do so. 

Wake Forest, Wash U. among schools that improved employment rate the most

While the nation's law schools collectively saw a slight uptick in employment success for their grads from 2014 compared to 2013, some school

Employment up, with UPenn leading way

A higher percent of law graduates from 2014 landed full-time, long-term jobs compared to graduates from 2013, according to figures from the American Bar Association.

Rutgers Newark and Camden merge

The two Rutgers law schools will merge into one unified school with two locations — Camden and Newark — assuming the American Bar Association approves the action this summer.

Widener breaks into two separate law schools

Widener University has received approval from the American Bar Association to separate into two law schools that will operate independently of each other, but remain part of the


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