National Jurist Magazine

Bar Exam Journal

By Jessica Mahon

Loyola Law School Los Angeles graduate

July 2008 California Bar Exam

I arrive for my first day of BarBri 20 minutes early and all the good seats are already taken. I settle for the seat next to the class stenographer. It requires climbing over her equipment, but offers a nice view of the stage.

Tales from China and London

By Chris Paulos

Thomas Jefferson School of Law


Summer Vacation! After the first year of law school, the very thought of some time away from the library or outside of the classroom seems too good to be true. However, many students come to the realization that summers in law school aren’t the “vacation” they once were.

Tales from Peru

By Matthew Lamberti

City University of New York School of Law


When I started law school in the fall of 2006, I had two goals: work overseas and learn Spanish. Well, and graduate, so three goals.


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