Brooklyn, Marquette, Northeastern top overlooked; Berkeley student pleads guilty


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It was a Good week for …

Being overlooked, after Above the Law highlighted the five most overlooked law schools — Brooklyn Law School, Marquette University, University of Missouri – Columbia, Tulane Law School and Northeastern University School of Law. The designation was based on a survey of graduates and students who rated their schools. More than 10,000 completed the survey.

It was a Bad week for …

Vegas anonymity, after Eric Cuellar, a law student at University of California-Berkeley, pleaded guilty to instigating, engaging in or furthering an act of cruelty to an animal while in Las Vegas in October. Cuellar was with fellow student, Justin Teixeira, when Teixeira allegedly killed an exotic bird in the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. Cuellar pled guilty to a misdemeanor. He must do community service and undergo alcohol counseling. Teixeira still faces charges for torturing and killing the bird. Apparently not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.