The Diary of Jennifer Pohlman: Week 2

My first week of bar review seems to have only taught me one thing: I remember absolutely nothing from the first year of law school. Oh, except for Contracts, which I seem to have become a whiz at all of a sudden.

For the past five days, I’ve been one of the nerds at Bar Bri’s early Multistate Bar Exam Preview Workshop, which was basically a series of 25-question practice MBE tests on Evidence, Torts, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Contracts and Property—followed by a lecture on each subject telling you why you’re not very bright. The lecturers try to be upbeat and positive, but looking down and seeing that I got nine of 25 questions correct on a few subjects didn’t exactly make me feel confident that I’d be able to master it by the end of July.

At the close of the mini-tests and lectures, there was a simulated “real” MBE—4 hours, 100 questions. And I bombed it. Tanked. Failed. Whatever word suits you, I wouldn’t call my score passing. Or even close. Except for the Contracts section, which makes no sense when comparing it to my actual performance in the class. I feel a lot more comfortable in Con Law, but it didn’t seem to translate onto my bubble sheet.

As far as the setting of my bar course goes, I don’t think I have to worry about any distractions. There are about 12 people in my class at a small university in my hometown, and only three of us didn’t go to law school with the rest of the clan. So, no, I’m not using the term “nerd” loosely. I’m the friendless one sitting on the opposite side of the room of the rest of the folk, and I’m cut off from the rest of the world due to no Internet connection—which may actually be a blessing once we get down to brass tacks.

The real stuff starts tomorrow with Torts, and I just realized that I’ve already inadvertently blown off my first 42 page reading assignment. Looks like I’ll be doing some last minute skimming and post-class re-reading after tomorrow’s class . . . .