The Diary of Jennifer Pohlman: Week 3

 I’m another week deep on BarBri, and I am behind—big time.

I spent the weekend eating cupcakes and drinking mimosas at a rash of bridal and baby showers, which didn’t leave a lot of time (or desire) for studying. That, compounded with the fact that I brought the wrong book to the first day of the lecture, put me in the red on study time. Instead of pounding through Torts drills, I had to rewatch Thursday’s lecture online—a new handy feature BarBri introduced on their website this year—and fill in the blanks on the outline before I could move any further. That ate up four precious hours, and by the time I was done listening to the lecture, I was ready for a big nap.

Now, I’m still trying to get through my Torts work, and have failed to start the Constitutional Law note review and question set I was supposed to complete today. Also, I need to submit a practice Torts essay to the BarBri folk by midnight, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen since I desperately need to hit the gym, eat dinner, and do some laundry so I’m not the smelly, fat kid in Bar Class. Sure, my priorities may be a touch out of whack, but I can’t afford to give up the small enjoyment I get out of clean clothes and less cellulite. Also, my practice essays have been reading like my second grade English papers. I’m frankly a little embarrassed to have anyone read my thoughts on strict liability at this point.

The bad part about the paced bar program is that you don’t get eased in, and if life happens to get in the way, you start to feel kind of screwed. Part of me is having regret about moving home to take the bar. The temptation to do other things is so great, and my motivation to really hit the books is so small. I love being able to reconnect with my family and friends, but I need to seriously reconnect with getting things done on time.