The Diary of Jennifer Pohlman: Week 5

 This week I’ve been trying to play major catch up. I’m up to speed on my lectures, but about a week and a half behind where I need to be on practice tests and essays. Also, I’ve completely given up on trying to prepare for classes at all. I feel like I’m on the verge of a Saved by the Bell Jessie Spano freakout involving singing and caffeine pills — and I’m only five weeks into this wretched, wretched summer of study.

For some reason, I was kind of excited to study this summer. I pictured myself in cute sundresses, sitting in local coffee shops, sipping lattes and flavored teas while drilling the Rule Against Perpetuities. But I find myself laying around in one of 10 pairs of Nike running shorts I own, wearing a holey Twins shirt I stole from my boyfriend, and generally doing my studying in the basement of a local college library. I just don’t feel good looking enough to hit up a downtown coffee shop where I might actually see someone I know. I also hate studying so much that I’d be embarrassed to have to speak to an acquaintance about the only thing that consumes my life, because I sound like such a curmudgeon all the time.

Getting behind has turned me into a crabby, dare I say it, psycho. Little irritations send me over the edge, I absolutely hate to give up time to something that isn’t necessary and I just have an all around bad attitude right now. I know — I sound really appealing. Since yesterday, I’ve taken to writing down inspirational quotes. I’m about three minutes away from becoming a real-life Cathy comic.

Hopefully my rut is just temporary, but I’m afraid my friends and loved ones will request that I enter into some sort of solitary confinement until the bar exam is over. And I don’t blame them.