The Diary of Jennifer Pohlman: Week 7

I spent most of the Fourth of July weekend wrapped up in a blanket and studying like a fool (except for a break to watch some fireworks, drink one beer and eat a few hot dogs). After seeing that I ranked in the “clearly not smarter than anyone” category of the simulated MBE, I knew that the days of taking long lunches and a quick nap before starting my studies were swiftly over.

I re-watched hearsay portion of the Evidence lecture, wrote out the rules for Criminal Law on note cards and pounded through as many practice tests as possible. I could just be sick thinking about how poorly I performed on last week’s in-class exam, and the worst part is that I’ve really got no one to blame but myself.

Summer is such a tempting time to slack off, especially if you are the only person you know who is taking the bar. And I frankly still feel burned out from school.  It would be great to get a few months off before studying starts, but that’s just not the way it works. There are about a thousand things I’d rather be doing than studying, and I’ve probably done about 740 of them this summer. Unfortunately, I’m now in big time panic mode and I’m trying to not let it take away precious study time.

I know that the practice MBE is not the definitive ruling on how you’re actually going to perform on the exam, and that most people don’t really light the fires until July, but if I score anywhere near where I did, I’m going to be rewriting this column in February.