Ultimate Guide to an LL.M.

What you need to know about an LL.M.

Should you pursue an LL.M.?

Does an LL.M. improve job prospects?

Will an LL.M. improve your chances of landing a Big law firm job?

How to choose the best LL.M. program

Should you consider an online LL.M. program?

When an LL.M. is worth it

Three LL.M. grads discuss how their master of law degree benefited them both personally and professionally. 

10 reasons to get an LL.M.
Whether you are just finishing law school, or a few years into your practice, an LL.M. degree can be a good choice. 

How valuable is an LL.M. degree?
Many law school graduates are looking to distinguish themselves from the pack.


The LL.M. Question: Now, Later or Never?

The ability to specialize is important, but the real payoff of an LL.M. should be to enhance a career.

Q: Is an LL.M. degree for everyone?

A: The answer is quite simple - no. For the right person, however, it’s a chance to delve into the intricate corners of a legal practice.

Q: When should you consider an LL.M. degree?

A: Gaining some experience first may be to your benefit, allowing you time to discover what you really want to do. If you have time on your hands, and can afford to do it, you might as well get it now and not wait 10 years. Ask around.