Married lawyers share the pants

If you thought being a lawyer was hard, consider being married to one. According to Jacquelyn Slotkin’s latest book, “Sharing the Pants: Essays on the Work-Life Balance by Men Married to Lawyers,” men married to lawyers face added challenges because of their spouse’s career.

Slotkin, professor at California Western School of Law, uses “Sharing the Pants” to explore the unique challenges of marriage with a lawyer. The book features a collection of first-person essays by the husbands of women lawyers and Slotkin’s suggestions about achieving the ideal work-life balance.

The book is co-authored by Slotkin’s daughter Samantha Slotkin Goodman and follows their book “It’s Harder in Heels: Essays by Women Lawyers Achieving Work-Life Balance,” which offered the perspective of women in law. But Slotkin is quick to point out that “work-life balance is not just a woman’s issue.”

“Men also seek a work-life balance,” explains Slotkin. “Significant numbers of Gen-X and Gen-Y male professionals are demanding balance for themselves and their families.”