Miami School of Law launches research, writing program

Students at the University of Miami School of Law will soon engage in a dynamic classroom environment that integrates technology as a learning resource.

Rosario Lozada Schrier, an associate law professor, was selected launch and direct the school’s new research and writing program, Legal Communication and Research Skills (“L-Comm”), to begin in this fall.

Schrier will work with a team of full-time Legal Communication faculty to provide students with critical research and communication skills necessary to excel in today’s competitive legal environment.

“L-Comm reflects Miami Law’s commitment to preparing students to become skilled and professional communicators,” Schrier said. “From their first day of classes, students will interact in the classroom as a community of professionals. In this collaborative setting, they will master the fundamentals of legal research and analysis and learn to communicate effectively with diverse audiences at various stages of legal practice.”

The program will develop research skills in the context of a client’s simulated problem, which will evolve through initial case assessments, consideration of potential alternatives to litigation, pretrial pleadings and appeals. At each stage of the process, students will advocate on a client’s behalf using both written and oral skills, all with the goal of preparing students for the reality of legal practice. L-Comm will emphasize active student participation by featuring small classes and frequent interaction with faculty through small group and individual conferences.