Johns Hopkins, Baltimore Law announce collaboration

 The University of Baltimore School of Law and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine will jointly launch an academic center for medicine and law that focuses on the health care provider.

The center, expected to open in July, will foster meaningful collaboration between the two professions, so that doctors will better understand the legal issues that affect their daily practice while lawyers will gain a greater appreciation for the real-world issues involved in the practice of medicine.

Phillip Closius, dean of the School of Law, said the school is pleased to collaborate with the university's School of Medicine to establish the center. 

"The opportunity to collaborate with the best medical school in the world is extremely exciting for our faculty and students. We believe that the serious health care problems we face can best be resolved in an environment which emphasizes cooperation and mutual respect between doctors and lawyers," Closius said. "This new center will provide a focal point for creatively resolving the legal issues which daily confront the medical practitioner."