Pace Law School cuts part-time evening program

Pace Law School announced that it will discontinue its part-time evening program. Dean Michelle S. Simon made the announcement in letters to students and alumni, citing a variety of demographic and economic factors that brought about the decision.

While the part-time evening program has been a part of the law school since its start 1976, changing economic times have forced changes at the school. In uncertain times such as these, individuals are hesitant to jeopardize their jobs in order to pursue a part-time degree. In addition, the lack of employer-subsidized degrees has dramatically affected demand for the program.

“Phasing out what has become a costly program with steadily declining enrollment will allow the law school to reallocate resources to innovative, new programs designer to preserve flexibility and reduce the expense of a legal education,” Simon said.

Students already enrolled in the part-time program will not be left in the dark, however. Students who entered the program in Fall 2010 will receive full support from the Pace over the next four years.

Pace University School of Law, located in White Plains, NY, has over 7,000 alumni and is ranked among the nation’s top four programs in environmental law.