Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising with the National Jurist

What is Programmatic Advertising?

At its core, programmatic simply means "automated by a computer (program)." Programmatic advertising refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, allowing for advertisers to take advantage of a range of tactics that allow for highly targeted ad impressions at an affordable rate. 


Here are the tactics we offer:

1. Site retargeting: Site retargeting is marketing to familiar prospects that have already visited your site, and your goal is to get them to return.

2. Search retargeting: Search retargeting is marketing to those who are looking for you. Your ads appear to prospects that have searched Google and other search engines using keywords related to your offerings.

3. Keyword contextual targeting: Keyword contextual targeting is marketing to those prospects that have read stories on the web related to keyword phrases.

4. Geo-targeting: Geo-targeting is marketing to those in specific geographic regions. Your ads appear to prospects based on the location of their IP address.

5. Geo-Fencing: Geo-fencing is marketing to those in a specific location at a designated time. With mobile tracking, your ad appears to prospects that entered the fenced area at a set time. You can select specific addresses, such as a competitor school, and specific times.

6. Addressable targeting: Addressable targeting is marketing to those already in your conversion pipeline. By providing home addresses, you can geo-fence prospects, applicants and even admitted students who have not committed with ads designed to get them to take the next step. 


What is the Best Strategy?

The best approach is to use a blend of tactics, and a blend of media, including traditional print, email, and custom sites, like We offer discounted rates when purchased as part of a larger media package.


How many impressions do I need?

That depends on the length of the campaign and your goal. Typically every 1,000 programmatic impressions reach 10 prospects in a one-month period. So, if you are using addressable targeting to keep ads in front of admits, you will want to devote at least 1,000 impressions per admit, per month. A typical standard campaign targets 100,000 impressions in a month.


How do I now if my keywords are reaching the right audience?

We will review your keywords to ensure they are on target, and then we will adjust if your click thru rate is low.


What kind of reporting do I get?

We provide a monthly report with details on impressions and click thrus. We are able to provide you with a report more often, upon request.


Advertising rates

 Standard# $10 cpm $12 cpm

Addressable $17 cpm $20 cpm

10% discount when 200,000 impressions or more purchased

*Campaign is when you purchase with a print ad

#Standard includes: Site retargeting, Search retargeting,

Keyword contextual targeting, Geo-targeting, Geo