Summer hiring is up this year

“The worst of the summer-hiring slump for law students may be over,” according to Thomson Reuters News and Insight.

An increase in transactional work, litigation work, and predictions that the firms may expect slightly higher revenue and earnings, account for the good news, the report said.

“Firms are making a very, very cautious return to summer hiring,” according to Paula Alvary, of the consulting firm Hoffman Alvary, who was interviewed in the report. “They are treading carefully, but they don’t want to be caught short two to three years from now,” she said.

The American Lawyer 2011 survey of law firm hiring also found that the average summer class size was up 25 percent over 2010, the report indicated.

Does this mean there is cause for celebration for first and second year law students looking forward to summer hiring opportunities?  Yes and no. Firms are starting to hire summer associates, but not at pre-recession levels, the consultants and law school administrators interviewed concluded.

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