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Legal sector loses 300 jobs in October

Despite a promising outlook following the addition of jobs in July, August and September, the legal sector took a step backward in October, shedding 300 jobs nationwide.

Disproportionality among judicial clerks

The National Association for Law Placement has released demographic information on judicial clerkships throughout the country.

Women, minorities, underrepresented among law associates

Lawyer layoffs throughout the 2008-2009 season have had a significant impact on the number of women and minorities in the field, according to the National Association for Law Pl

Continued need for human rights lawyers

The United States endured a moral pummeling at its first-ever human rights record review by the United Nation Human Rights Council in Geneva on Nov.

Lagging revenue, billable hours indicates a downturn

A study conducted by Wells Fargo Wealth Management has found that revenue growth has remained stagnant in 2010, while billable hour levels also remain low.


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