Analyst pursues LL.M. to help shape California's public policy

Charlene Keizer-Paisley pursued an LL.M. degree with the goal of being granted admission as an attorney in California. Ultimately, she hopes to use both legal and public policy skills to contribute toward shaping the public policy landscape in the state.

A citizen of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and a permanent resident of the U.S., she earned an LL.B. and an MA in international public policy in the United Kingdom, and a B.A. in international development and political science in Toronto. Today, she’s a healthy policy analyst in California.

Her decision to attend University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law for an LL.M. was based on the school’s location in the state capital, which afforded her many networking and internship opportunities. Additionally, the school had an extensive number of courses in different specializations, including in health care, which she’s interested in.

“My experience has been simply amazing,” Keizer-Paisley said. “Both the faculty and administration are interested in seeing the students succeed.”

Faculty members seem passionate about teaching, and most have an open-door policy, so they’re willing to engage students in debate and discussion to help them better grasp lessons. 

“There is great pride taken in ensuring that students have a clear understanding of the material being taught,” she said. “Even in 1L classes, there is an emphasis on rigorously training students to become top-notch attorneys.”

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