Indian attorney pursues corporate law in New York

Rini Agrawal always aspired to become a dual-qualified attorney working in the international market, and now she’s on her way to doing so in New York. 

She first became an attorney in Delhi, India, in 2010, and soon pursued an LL.M. in international commercial laws from the University of Nottingham in the U.K. For four years, she worked at STA Law Firm, based in Dubai, assisting on local and international transactions in the United Arab Emirates and advising foreign companies on structuring and cross border issues.

Agrawal decided to then become qualified in the U.S., with the hopes it would bring her greater exposure, especially with international clientele.

“In my view, U.S. offers more opportunities to foreign attorneys than any other jurisdiction,” Agrawal said. “The legal practice in the U.S. is so diversified that your skills and qualifications are well recognized and gives a greater exposure to work profile. To attain an international profile, it is always preferable to go for Masters and specialized in particular area of law. It allows to build great professional network, and substantive knowledge in your legal practice area.”

Agrawal has just completed her LL.M. from Brooklyn Law School, and she intends to sit for the New York Bar exam this year.

She chose Brooklyn Law for its reputation and its location in the heart of New York City, which come at a cost effective investment.

“My experience at BLS and being in New York City is overwhelming,” Agrawal said. “I have been so occupied and introduced with several opportunities that any foreign law student would aspire.”

For instance, she is completing a judicial externship with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York. She also participated on the LL.M. International Arbitration Moot Court team, and at a Transactional Meet competition.

“In terms of interaction with classmates it has been a smooth sailing as we have enough to share about our enriched background and learn a lot more about other countries legal system from each other,” Agrawal said.

The pace of life in New York can be difficult, but she said it’s also rewarding.

“I did not get much time to ponder over and things are good if you keep finding yourself,” she said.

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