Ugandan attorney on why she chose an international LL.M.

We asked LL.M. students and graduates to share their thoughts on their schools, their careers, and advice for future students. 

Flavia Ibyara earned her LL.M. in 2017 from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She is from Uganda, was president of the Human Rights Association while in college, and won The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award at the Inter-University Human Rights Competition. She has special interests in human rights and international law, and plans to pursue her SJD in the future.

How did you choose your law school?

I had been searching for universities that would help me further my career in international law. So, when a friend recommended the University of Cincinnati, I read about it and realized that here I would be able to study about a different legal system as well. I also realized that study here came with many opportunities that would enable me to get career advice from people in the field I want to join.  I also realized that it was more affordable than the other universities I was considering. So to me, content and affordability played a huge role.

Why did you want to get an LL.M.? How do you hope it will help your career?

I wanted to get an LL.M. so that I could focus on a particular subject —  international law. I also wanted to do an LL.M. so that I could add value to myself as an international lawyer. I am a recent graduate, so I do not have that much experience. However, I know that with a higher education comes more opportunities in the job market.

Is there anything that you have found particularly interesting or surprising about the LL.M. program?

I think it was quite unique to study with J.D. students. They all have experiences in different fields and see the law in a totally different way. We LL.M.s have degrees in law, which give us a background of how it works. The J.D. students have knowledge in various fields, like psychology, which I think makes classes very interesting, given the perspective they present.

 Do you have any advice for prospective students looking at law schools?

They should not rush to make a decision. They need to first critically think about what they really want and which direction they want their careers to take. That will help them pick the perfect law school. University of Cincinnati is definitely a good place to start looking. It gives you a good experience in class as it prepares you for what is in the field as well.


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