Ave Maria School of Law

Ave Maria School of Law

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Ave Maria School of Law is best known for being a Roman Catholic law school and is constantly ranked Most Devout Catholic law school in the nation by preLaw magazine. While it provides a traditional legal education, it also has an emphasis on how the law intersects with the Catholic intellectual tradition and natural law philosophy.

“There is no law school in the country that has a closer fidelity to the Catholic Church and its teachings,” said Kevin Cieply, dean at the Naples, Fla. school. “Students can come here and get much stronger in their faith and learn to bring their faith to the practice of law.”

This includes a specific emphasis on integrity, which it teaches through a mandatory Moral Foundations of Law Class and ethical teaching in all other courses. Ave Maria also offers an externship and a fellowship with Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the diplomatic representative for Vatican to the United Nations. The school also takes students on a field trip every year to tour the U.N. and study international law.

 “We create a safe harbor where students can study law and be very comfortable in practicing their faith, whatever that may be,” Cieply said. 

Ave Maria has an active Catholic student organization, the Lex Vitae Society, which participates in a legal summit on right to life and takes students to the March for Life every year in Washington, D.C. With such strong ties to its faith, its no surprise that it also ranks as the most conservative law school in the nation, as ranked by Princeton Review. 

Ave Maria, which was founded in 1999 in Michigan and relocated to Florida in 2009, is the only law school between Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, so its position on Florida’s Gulf Coast sets it apart. 



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4/15 (summer start), 5/1
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5/1 (summer start), 6/1

75th Percentile1513.35
25th Percentile1452.73
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Tuition Part-time
Living Expenses
Median grant$28000
Percent receiving grants70.00%
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Employment & Bar Exam Profile
Post-grad employment 76.30%
NJ Employment[field_nj_employment_rate]
Bar Passage60.56%