Taft U. unveils MBA for attorneys

William Howard Taft University has unveiled the first Masters of Business Administration program for new attorneys, the school announced.

The online MBA program is tailored for new attorneys, teaching them business concepts needed to operate small or solo law practices. It will combine a traditional MBA curriculum with webinars and assignments related to the operation of a law practice.

“While some law school graduates have strong business skills, others particularly those with liberal arts degrees, have very little business knowledge," said Jerome Alley, President of William Howard Taft University.  "These are the types of individuals that will benefit most from the program.”

William Howard Taft University is based in Denver and offers doctoral and masters degrees through distance education. It runs the Taft Law School, a distance education, online-based school in Santa Ana, Calif.  and offers a J.D. and LL.M. degree. It is registered as a correspondence law school with the California State Bar, allowing graduates to take the state bar exam.

The Program was the inspiration of Taft University System Chancellor, David L. Boyd.  

“The Great Recession of 2007 resulted in a sea change for law students and newly admitted attorneys," said Boyd, an attorney and Trustee on the Orange County Board of Education. "Overnight, for most law students, the days of multiple job offers with six figure salaries vanished. While the Great Recession has ended, thousands of law school graduates have been left to sink or swim on their own. Unfortunately many are sinking in a sea of debt and low income. But some, those who have the skills to run a small or solo practice, are thriving.”

The new program will be taught by both business faculty and attorneys, and will cover subjects such as business plans, financing the business venture, managerial perspectives, marketing, public relations and taxes. Classes will begin in February 2015. Alley said the present plan is to limit enrollment to 25 students at that time increasing to 100 in August 2015.