$3m gift funds new law chair position at Wisconsin

It was a GOOD week for…

Receiving a sizable donation and NOT changing your law school name because of it, after the University of Wisconsin Law School received a $3 million gift to fund the new position of The Sheldon B. Lubar Distinguished Research Chair in Law.

Milwaukee couple Sheldon B. Lubar and Marianne S. Lubar have been long-time supporters of the school. The $3 million gift will fund the position of Law School chair, which will rotate annually among faculty members in a competitive way to support diverse research.

The University of Wisconsin already has several endowed chairs, each of which are awarded in one area of law to one faculty member. The goal of the rotating position is to increase productivity and diversify research on an annual basis. Areas of research will vary year to year as different faculty members, with varied specialties, fill the position.

“The Lubars’ vision and innovative spirit has provided the UW Law School a means to enrich scholarship that will have a meaningful impact in multiple areas of law,” Dean Margaret Raymond said in a statement. “It’s an exciting concept that will set the school apart. The Lubars deserve our thanks.”

Lubar hopes the gift will stimulate new legal thought and perpetuate the law school’s reputation of conducting innovative research. Lubar graduated from the law school in 1953. The endowment will fund a semester of salary in addition to research costs as approved by the dean.

Raymond hopes the permanent endowment will help attract and retain faculty members.

The selection process has yet to be determined. 


Photo by Andy Manis