Best Cities For Studying Abroad

Students have needs while studying abroad that the typical traveller might not prioritize. There are a few things to consider: potential job opportunities, access to institutions, cost of living, scheduling and a substantial student population. Luckily, law schools will work out the financials and program dates for you but choosing the actual destination is at the law students’ discretion.

The top 10 cities for students, as ranked by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), are primarily in Europe and Asia — both bustling legal markets. QS based their study the factors that are most imperative to students, ranking Paris no. 1. 

Theresa Kaiser, director of global opportunites at American University Washington College of Law, says Paris is a popular destination because of Americans’ romanticized view of France but there are immense cultural and legal advantages in studying in the city of light.

“We as Americans have a very ‘oh la la’ attitude towards France,” she said. “All the things we’ve heard of and read about hundreds of years, is right there at your fingertips. But it’s also a completely different legal system of civil law. I encourage students to study there so they have knowledge of the two major legal systems in the world.”

While internships are still a very new concept in England, France has been more open to the concept.

“In the legal culture, [the French] tend to be more open to creating internships and making things happen,” Kaiser said. "They’re very open-minded to globalization and the knowledge that a native-English speaker has because English is the language of law.” 

No matter where you end up, make sure the program you choose aligns with your academic and professional goals.

“Geography is a tertiary consideration,” Kaiser said. “It’s nice but it’s not the main motivator. [Students] really need experience that will translate into a global legal career.”

Best cities for students as ranked by Quacquarelli Symonds:

1. Paris

2. London

3. Singapore

4. Sydney

5. Zurich

6. Melbourne

7. Hong Kong

8. Montreal

9. Munich

10. Berlin