Georgetown student gets 4 years for meth dealing; California schools need 40% pass rate to keep accreditation

It was a Bad week for …

Dealing meth while in law school, after Marc Gerson, a scholarship student at Georgetown University Law Center pled guilty of selling large amounts of methamphetamine via a complex social-networking scheme. Gerson was sentenced to four years in prison. At the time of his arrest a year ago, he had a 3.48 grade-point average.

California law schools with really bad bar pass rates , after the California State Bar Examiners announced that schools would need a 40 percent pass rate in order to maintain accreditation. While ABA-accredited law schools are exempt, none have pass rates that low. But most of the law schools that are only state accredited run the risk of losing their status. The pass rate was 42.5 percent in February 2012 and 54.4 percent in July. Among the 18 state accredited schools, only five posted pass rates above 40 percent on either the February or July 2012 bar exam.