Land of Lincoln adopts UBE

Illinois will be the 30th state to use the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) to test wannabe lawyers. It’s a dramatic move because those who pass the test are allowed to practice law in those states that also recognize the UBE. Neighboring Missouri is one, meaning lawyers who straddle the border won’t have to take two tests.


The Illinois Supreme Court approved the move in June, two years after the Illinois State Bar Association Board recommended it make the move.


Law school students were pumped over the news, according to the Madison St. Claire Record. It quoted associate professor Antonia Miceli, director of academic support and bar examination preparation at St. Louis University School of Law as students being “thrilled” by the decision, which won’t take effect until the summer of 2019.


That reaction was echoed by Christopher W. Behan, acting dean and professor of law at Southern Illinois University. He told the paper that “the decision by the Illinois Supreme Court was greeted with real enthusiasm by students and recent graduates.”