Law jobs hard to find, survey shows

By Hillary Mantis

The news is not surprising, but disappointing nonetheless. Law is the hardest to place industry, according to a survey released by, and reported by the Wall Street Journal.

There is less than one opening for every 100 working attorneys, according to the report. Job openings for the legal field dropped 1.9 percent in August,’s press release said.

Occupational, speech, and physical therapists are among the most in demand industries, as well as jobs in healthcare, the data showed.  There are 64 open jobs for occupational therapists, for every 100 working in that field. Other growth industries include software engineering. Software companies including Apple and Facebook are booming, showing a high number of open positions. 

The Federal government is also a growth industry, the report said, making Washington, D.C. one of the more attractive cities to look, job-wise.  Other potentially promising locations include San Francisco, and Boston.

Is there any way to turn this news into a positive for lawyers?  For those in transition, perhaps seeking a new practice area, alternative legal career, or in house position in one of the growth industries or locations mentioned, might be something to consider when planning your next move?

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