Law School Student of the Year: Alexis Poul, Concordia

Alexis Poul grew up on a cattle ranch in rural Montana, 15 miles from the nearest paved road. That remote location didn’t deter her from achieving her academic goals, nor her spirit for giving back.  

She worked hard to further her education past high school and obtained her bachelor of arts in English and graduated summa cum laude from Bethany Lutheran College.

While there, she founded the Bethany Law Club, foreshadowing the type of effort, dedication and innovation she would display in law school. It was during this time that she worked for a family and criminal law attorney, which peaked her interest in the legal profession. She felt it would give her the tools to make a difference.

Poul entered Concordia University School of Law in 2016. But she had to juggle other demands. While studying full-time, she also holds down a job at the Resource Protection Assistance Bureau at the Idaho Department of Lands. She assists statutory and administrative research for legislation and rulemaking to help protect Idaho’s natural resources.

But there's more yet. She also dedicates her legal skills on a pro bono basis to the underserved and underrepresented. She serves as Concordia Law’s liaison to the Idaho Military Legal Alliance, an organization that works to increase access to legal services for the state’s military and veteran population.

She also gives her time to the International Rescue Committee by helping Idaho’s refugee community navigate the immigrant visa process. She also teaches legal aid issues to at-risk young adults and volunteers at the Idaho Legal Aid Services.

Additionally, she holds a number of key positions at the school, including executive administrative editor for the Concordia Law Review.