Legal outsourcing offers jobs for new grads

The practice of law firms and corporations seeking legal support services from an outside company is gaining in popularity with legal process outsourcing companies increasing their domestic presence, according to a study on market trends by Northwestern Law.

The trend has been controversial given that it has shipped legal jobs overseas. But the recent rise in domestic companies has created employment opportunities for new graduates. Additionally, some positions do require applicants to move to other countries such as England, and India.

Many of the job salaries range between $50,000 and $80,000.

“[Job growth] is happening in India and happening in the U.S. as companies expand their footprint and create U.S.-based delivery centers,” said Greg McPolin, managing director at Pangea3, a legal process outsource company. “Law students that are graduating now have options within the LPO industries.”

Many in the legal industry say LPOs are here to stay — part of an evolving legal model.

“I think people in every facet of the legal eco-system now get it,” McPolin said. “The world economy changed drastically in 2008 and that has made an indelible change on the legal system as we know it. [LPOs] are a permanent feature in the way corporates consume legal information and I think attorneys know that as well.”

Pangea3 is one of several countries that have opened branches on U.S. soil. Integreon, an LPO with offices around the world opened an office in Fargo, North Dakota with plans of employing up to 600 U.S. employees. UnitedLex has also opened offices in Overland Park, Kan., New York City and Cincinnati, Ohio.

The LPO business continues to grow globally, with a market estimated to reach $2.7 billion by 2018, according to an article in The New York Times.

There are job openings for companies such as Pangea3 and UnitedLex that can be viewed on their websites or by going to