Lewis & Clark launches first Animal Law LL.M.

Lewis & Clark Law School is launching the world’s first graduate law program in animal law, the Portland, Ore. school recently announced.

"The new Animal Law LL.M. Program marks another historic milestone in the evolution of animal law," said Pamela Frasch, assistant dean of the Animal Law Program and executive director of the Center for Animal Law Studies. "When I first started teaching, I dreamed of the day when students could earn an advanced degree in animal law. With the new LL.M., our graduates will be poised to become the leading legal educators and advocates in the field."

Lewis & Clark hopes to educate the next generation of lawyers ready to tackle questions about the Endangered Species Act, dog fighting and other similar issues.

Robert Klonoff, dean of Lewis & Clark Law School, announced that the Animal Law LL.M. proposal received acquiescence from the American Bar Association, and unanimous approval from the school's Board of Trustees.

"The ABA and Board of Trustees' quick and unequivocal action represents a huge step forward for the field of animal law, and is another example of leadership and innovation at Lewis & Clark Law School," he said.
The Animal Law LL.M. Program at Lewis & Clark will launch in the fall of 2012.

More information will be announced soon. http://CenterForAnimalLawStudies.org.