LSAT scores dropping

It was a BAD week for law schools that have dropped their LSAT standards for students at the bottom of the pack, after the National Conference of Bar Examiners published a report that compares LSAT scores during the past four years at the 25th percentile.

The NCBE, which administers the multi-state bar exam, published the report to explain why bar passage rates on the MBE dropped this year. LSAT scores track with bar passage rates.

The report shows that 95 percent of law schools saw their LSAT score drop for students at the 25th percentile.

Emory University led the way with a 9-point drop from three years ago. Other schools include:

Charlotte School of Law (-7 points)

Elon University (-7 points)

Suffolk University (-7 points)

Arizona Summit Law School  (-7 points)

Valparaiso University (-6 points)

Baylor University (-6 points)

Willamette University (-6 points)

University of Illinois (-6 points)

Faulkner University (-6 points)

Western New England University (-6 points)

University of Arizona (-6 points)

Villanova University (-6 points)

New England School of Law (-6 points)

Vermont Law School (-6 points)

Ave Maria School of Law (-6 points)