New Hampshire Law to offer first specialty online J.D.

A small number of law school offer nearly fully online J.D. programs. They've gotten special permission from the American Bar Association to allow for most of the work to be done remotely so people can live just about anywhere and still get a J.D. 

However, students are getting a standard J.D. Yes, it's a very valuable degree, but it's not aimed at one specialty area. 

The University of New Hampshire School of Law is looking to change that. Launching in fall 2019 — pending final University and ABA approval — UNH Law will offer a new Hybrid (online and residential) J.D. Program with a focus on intellectual property (IP). This program allows J.D. students to complete required coursework through both synchronous and asynchronous online channels with minimal residential requirements, replacing the need to relocate to Concord to earn their law degree.

UNH Law’s program is aimed at professionals who work in intellectual property and technology, an area where UNH Law has been a top-ranked program since its founding and where our faculty are internationally recognized experts. The program will create the first Hybrid J.D. tailored to a specific area of law. 

The Hybrid J.D. Program allows students to remain in their jobs and homes while earning their JD because the curriculum will require them only to come to campus for select and well-planned periods of residency each term (fall term—two periods of 3-5 days each, spring & summer terms—one period of 3-5 days). 

The balance of the curriculum—as well as other crucial areas of student engagement, such as career services and academic support—will be done remotely, either synchronously or asynchronously. 

Learning management system orientation and 24/7 tech support will be provided, as well as virtual office hours and 1-to-1 real-time engagement opportunities with faculty and fellow students.

The curriculum is designed to be year-round, 10 semesters total, lasting 3.5 years. Additionally, Hybrid J.D. students will have the opportunity to participate in UNH Law’s legal residency program  during their final year in the program.

At all times, whether on-campus or on-line, as a member of UNH Law, students will experience the same J.D. experience that generates practice-ready attorneys that residential J.D. students enjoy.

Employment forecasts in positions related to IP Law are projecting these positions to increase as fast or significantly faster than the average job growth, including in education, healthcare, engineering, entertainment, licensing, technology development, new ventures and finance, the school notes. 


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