Pepperdine makes financial commitment to Black students

Pepperdine Caruso School of Law says it’s committed to creating more access for Blacks to gain top-notched legal educations.  

It’s doing more than talking about it. 

The Malibu, Calif., school recently announced a new scholarship program that aims to do just that. All students who graduate from at any of the nation’s 106 Historically Black Colleges or Universities who are admitted to and attend the law school will be guaranteed a 50% tuition scholarship.

In addition, up to five of those students will be named Caruso Excellence Scholars and receive full tuition scholarships.

“Increasing the diversity of our community has been one of my top priorities as dean,” said Dean Paul Caron. “That goal will be supported by improving access to a Pepperdine Caruso Law education for students from historically underrepresented communities. The high cost of legal education is one of the biggest roadblocks these students encounter. My hope is that the establishment of this scholarship guarantee and the Caruso Excellence Scholarships will help overcome that obstacle.”

“Improving the diversity of the legal profession is a development that will benefit everyone in our society,” said Chalak Richards, dean of Student Life, Diversity and Belonging. “Our duty is to do whatever we can to enrich the education of lawyers by bringing more perspectives to the student body.”

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