Stanford opens online career guide to public

Stanford Law School is making a unique online career and curriculum guide available to the public, in hope that students at other schools can benefit from the technology.

SLSNavigator allows law students to learn about different careers in law and choose courses that will help prepare them for their chosen career.

Stanford spent the last three years designing the guide, based on feedback from faculty, alumni, practicing attorneys, and other legal professionals. It incorporates more than 1,500 courses from across the university and is designed to help students decide what kind of legal career suits them best and to make the most out of their three years of law school. 

Students can use SLSNavigator to learn what different legal practices entail, to develop questions about career possibilities, and to choose among the wide range of courses identified and pre-approved by the Law School as relevant for different kinds of law.

“Law students need more today than the traditional second- and third-year law school curriculum offers them,” said Dean Larry Kramer. “It is important for 2Ls and 3Ls to learn more legal doctrine, but it is equally important for them to learn how to think like their clients during the upper years. To enable students to do that, we made significant changes to the curriculum and we then created this tool to help them navigate the curriculum according to their personal career goals.”