Students at UDC Law among those who protested America’s birthday on July 4th

Not everyone celebrated the Fourth of July this year. Some Black Lives Matter supporters took the opportunity to hold sit-ins and non-violent protests instead. 

Among those who protested were students at Howard University and University of D.C. , according to a WTOP News story. 

The demonstration, called "We Won’t Stand for This," was a protest dedicated to Black women, like Breonna Taylor, who have been victims of violence. 

Event organizer Asia Burwell, a law student at the University of the District of Columbia, was behind the peaceful sit-in that lasted eight hours outside the Supreme Court on July 4. 

Burwell said she feels like Black women are often forgotten.

The dean of UDC Law School, Renée McDonald Hutchins urged those at the demonstration to continue fighting for equality until “the color of someone’s skin does not define a person’s outcomes in the criminal justice system, or until black and brown children no longer go to schools that are under resourced and neighborhoods are desegregated.”

“[We] need to continue to fight, we need to continue to struggle we need to continue to stay in the streets until real progress is made,” Hutchins said.

Hutchins not only attended the demonstration, but she was also filmed speaking to the protestors by a news station in the D.C. area.

“There are still people struggling, there are still people dying, there are still people that do not have the equality of rights that our founding document promised,” she said.

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