UC Irvine ranks 19th among faculty

It was a GOOD week for ...

University of California Irvine, after the five-year-old school placed 19th in a ranking by law professors of the top law faculties. The survey, hosted by Brian Leiter, a University of Chicago law professor and blogger, asked law profs to rank schools in terms of faculty distinction using the Condorcet method, which seeks to find the winner that would win in the most pairings. Yale Law School topped the list, beating Harvard Law school 142-140. UC Irvine lost to Yale, 278-8, but was good enough to place right behind nearby rival USC.

UC Irvine hired 18 founding faculty in the summer of 2008, which Dean Chemerinsky dubbed his “dream team.” It admitted its first students in Fall 2009. It’s The faculty has been ranked three times in the top 10 in the country in terms of scholarly impact, most recently coming in 7th behind Yale, Harvard, Chicago, Stanford, New York University and Columbia.

Florida State University College of Law was also a surprise in the best faculty ranking, placing 35th. It’s faculty is the highest ranked Florida law faculty on the list.