University of Delaware Announces Law School Plans

University of Delaware has announced plans to create the state's first public law school, set to open as early as 2015. Planned to be located on UD's Newark campus, the school would enroll approximately 200 students in its first year.

“Every major institution that we aspire to be peers with has a legal or medical institution,” President Patrick T. Harker said. “You want to do something you can do well, and we think we can do this very well.”

After UD officials announced the plan at the Board of Trustees' semiannual meeting on Dec. 6, the board authorized a feasibility study and the drafting of a business plan. The law schools would be the second in Delaware, following Widener University School of Law which was accredited in 1975. If all goes as planned, the university hopes to recruit and hire the school's founding dean during the 2013-14 academic year.

Officials hope that the state's atmosphere, where more than half of all publicly traded companies incorporate, will propel the school.

“By operating a first-class law school in a state known for its considerable influence in corporate law, the University of Delaware could occupy a special niche in the nationwide legal community, attract top-notch students .. and produce future law and business leaders for Delaware.”