Widener to add online LL.M. in corporate law

Widener Law is launching a new legal graduate degree aimed at foreign attorneys who want to add a specialty in Delaware corporate law to their skill set.

The LLM in Delaware Corporate Law and Finance will be an entirely online degree earned over four semesters in two years. It is aimed at foreign business lawyers and law graduates from around the world who are engaged in business law careers within government, industry or private practice. The first class begins in July.

While the program is designed for foreign students, it is open to graduates of American schools.

“Widener Law is introducing this advanced degree for professionals who want legal skills that will provide a competitive edge in a global economy,” said Associate Professor Paul L. Regan, associate director of Widener’s Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law. “Delaware corporate law is effectively the nation’s corporate law and in recent years it has grown increasingly significant internationally for foreign companies and their legal advisors. This online corporate LLM program is an experience Widener is uniquely positioned to provide as Delaware’s law school.”

Delaware is America’s unofficial “corporate law capital.” More than one million business entities call the First State their legal home, including more than half of all U.S. publicly traded companies and 64 percent of the Fortune 500.