Forensic Justice

WVU established the LL.M. in Forensic Science based on the idea that a solid grounding in the scientific method and forensic evidence is now critical for any criminal defense attorney, prosecutor, and judge. The one-year program, the only one of its kind acquiesced by the ABA, is a collaboration between WVU Law and the renowned WVU Forensic and Investigative Science department. All of the courses, including the science-based classes, are courtroom oriented. Classes are offered traditionally or online.
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Health Law Regulatory Analysis & Compliance

This concentration is designed for attorneys who seek to expand their skills and experience in the health care field with a specialized focus on regulatory compliance. Students will explore the roll of in-house counsel, the corporate compliance office, the elements of compliance, risk assessment, the False Claims Act, codes of conduct, and corporate integrity agreements. Students will learn the basic regulatory framework and will be trained in the skills that are essential for any compliance professional.
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