Boston College

Boston College Law School
LSAT: 163-167
GPA: 3.34-3.68
Enrollment: 814

Boston College Law School, a Jesuit University, is just a step behind Boston University in most measurements. While Boston Univeristy is ranked 22nd in the U.S. News & World Report, Boston College is ranked 27th.

in 2010, its faculty-to-student ratio was third in the city with 13.5-to-1; its bar pass rate was third with 94 percent, and employment ranked third at 96.4 percent. But it does land more students in judicial clerkships than its rival — with 13.6 percent of its graduates securing the coveted positions.

Based in Newton, just seven miles west of Boston University, the school has a unique approach to teaching the law within a context of values and with an eye toward the betterment of society, said Nate Kenyon, director of marketing and communications.

“This encourages leadership and independent thinking, which may be why we have so many graduates in public office and as members of the judiciary,” Kenyon said.

Also, the law school’s broad-based approach and focus on the fundamentals is well-suited to these trying economic times, he said.

“These days firms and businesses are looking for lawyers who think outside the box, who lead by example and who possess the highest ethical standards — all things we focus on here at BC Law.”

Published October 2010.