Denver offers summer-start program

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law announced a new program that will allow students to graduate one semester early and get more hands-on training.

“Many prospective students are interested in quicker and different paths through law school,” said Viva Moffat, associate dean of academic affairs. “Denver Law’s Summer Start Option is just one way that the school is seeking to make legal education work well for future lawyers.”

The Summer Start Option allows students to take the same number of credits, but coursework starts in the summer of 2015 and graduation occurs in December of 2017.

The program will expose students to practice settings from the day they start school. The first summer introduces students to the study of law in an 8-hour hybrid Torts and Lawyering Process class.

This immersion in two required courses will provide an opportunity for entering law students to dive into law school with a hands-on, experiential approach, designed and taught by an expert in the subjects.

The class will blend classroom instruction with personalized, small group interactions to ensure that students progress rapidly while receiving consistent feedback and support.

“The result is that students learn torts and lawyering process as a unified whole, just as they are practiced while they simultaneously develop skills and habits that will serve them well when they join their classmates in the fall,” said John Campbell, Lawyering Process professor who will be teaching the Summer Start Option in 2015.

Enrollment will be limited to 20 students.

After the summer start, students will complete the remainder of the traditional first-year courses in the next two semesters, and will also be able to take two electives.

Working on an accelerated path, students can take courses during the summer, or take advantage of the summers to work and gain experience.