Drake to create digital portfolios for students

Drake University Law School will require students, starting with the 2013 entering class, to prepare an electronic portfolio containing short videos and documents evidencing the students’ proficiencies. Students will work with their advisors to update and improve the portfolio contents as well as their skills as they progress through school. Employers will have easy access electronically and contents will vary by student interest.

“Unlike many law schools, Drake professors have practiced law and bring that experience into substantive classes, the way it occurs in ‘real life’: our students regularly try felony cases, draft and lobby legislation and argue cases before the State Supreme Court,” said Andrea Charlow, associate dean of the law school.

Drake administrators believe the portfolio will help students land jobs.

“For employers who base hiring decisions on one interview, an easily accessible video and portfolio offers a chance to take a deeper look into how a student handles real practice situations,” said Jennie Zwagerman, director of career development at Drake Law.