Indiana-Bloomington introduces medical technology externship

Students at Indiana University-Bloomington will have an opportunity to take part in the school’s new medical technology externship program, created in partnership with Cook Medical Technologies, LLC.

The school announced this June that its Center for Intellectual Property Research formed the program to provide hands-on experience in patent law, while also allowing students to earn academic credit. The program is targeted at intellectual property students, said Mark D. Janis, director of the center.

Program participants will be named as Cook IP fellows and work with Cook patent counsel to analyze Cook’s portfolio of patents for medical devices.

“It’s a demanding program that requires students to develop their patent law skills in a fast-paced business environment where the technology is sophisticated,” Janis said in a written statement. “That’s an extraordinary opportunity for any aspiring patent lawyer.”

Pete Yonkman, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Cook, as well as Cook’s other patent lawyers helped support the center as it developed the program. Both partners agree that the externship will be a valuable addition to the longstanding relationship between the law school and Cook.

Cook’s outside counsel, Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett, & Henry LLP of Indianapolis, and Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione of Chicago, will also assist with the externship. Yonkman said the program will also allow outside counsel to evaluate externs for the possibility of future jobs.