Indiana Tech to offer unique early admissions process

Indiana Tech Law School has created a unique early decision application process for students who agree to only apply to the new law school. It will streamline the application process, notifying students within a month if they are admitted. But, students must then commit to the law school.

Indiana Tech will accept early applications from Sept. 15 to October 31, 2012 for Fall 2013, the year the Fort Wayne, Ind. school will open.

“For those who have said that they really want to attend Indiana Tech and do not plan to apply to any other law schools, we can speed up the process and reduce their application costs,” said Assistant Dean for Admissions Jessica Anderson.

The law schools plans to identify and admit applicants as quickly as possible. A reduced application fee of $25, down from $50, will be required at the time of application.

“Applying through our early decision process will allow us to assess an application within a smaller pool of applicants,” Anderson said. “It is intended only for those applicants for whom Indiana Tech Law School is their first choice. Once they apply, we will render a decision within 3 weeks after the application has been completed.”
Law School Dean Peter Alexander said the school has received more than 800 inquiries from prospective law students.

“If we grant someone admission through the early decision process, that person will have one week within which to withdraw any applications that were sent to any other law school,” Alexander said. “They will also have to pay a single deposit of $300 to secure their seat in the fall 2013 charter class. Any applicant who accepts his or her seat through the early decision program is also representing that they will not submit a later application to any other law school.”

Alexander is hopeful the early admissions process will help jump start applications to the new school.