John Marshall adds health law certificate, LL.M in trial advocacy

The John Marshall Law School in Chicago will offer two new options for students looking to specialize their study of law in a particular practice area.

The school announced this week that it will offer a J.D. certificate for specialization in health law. As a result of student interest, as well as a growing need for health law specialists, the school created the new program.

To earn the certificate, students will be required to take 19 credits in health law curriculum, maintain a 3.25 GPA in those classes, and a 3.0 GPA overall. Coursework will include classes in administrative law, health fraud law, and medical negligence. The school also offers a special health law lawyering skills class, targeted at the particular practice of health law.

In addition to the new certificate program, John Marshall has also launched a new LL.M program in trial advocacy and dispute resolution. The school recently received acquiescence from the ABA for the program, allowing it to move forward with the 20 new courses it developed in anticipation of approval.

Those courses include topics such as advanced scientific evidence, expert witnesses, litigation technology, models of dispute resolution and negotiation theory and practice. There is also a 15 course elective component to the degree, three of which are available online.

Students who want to pursue the LL.M may do so with the addition of just one year to their J.D. course of study by applying up to 10 credits in the LL.M program toward their J.D.