Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago School of Law
LSAT: 157-162

GPA: 3.13-3.59

Enrollment: 840

As a Jesuit law school, Loyola is “extremely committed to the notion of using the law for public service,” said Dean David Yellen, and that is integrated across all parts of the law school.

As a result, its law centers are among the largest and best known throughout the nation. Its child-law and health-law centers in particular prepare students to excel in these areas of advocacy, Yellen said.

Among its newest innovations is its commitment to experiential learning, giving every student a chance to tackle a clinic, participate in an externship or try simulation coursework.

Loyola’s century-old commitment to the study of law also has given it the reputation for producing some of the best litigators and trial attorneys in the area. It also has one of the most active alumni groups (known as the Circle of Advocates) that helps mentor and provide programming for students.

Students appreciate the school’s campuses in international cities such as Rome and Beijing as well as programs in London, France and Strasberg.

Published August 2011. Updated July 2011.