Toledo offers JD/MD degree in 6 years

The University of Toledo launched a new JD/MD program that will use an integrated curriculum to enable students to graduate with a law degree and a medical degree in six years.

“As evidenced by the recent debate of the new healthcare law before the Supreme Court, the connections between the medical and legal arenas are only going to grow stronger as physicians and policy makers try to get a handle on the increasing costs of care,” said Dr. Jeffrey Gold, chancellor and executive vice president for health affairs and dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences.

Daniel Steinbock, dean of the College of Law, said students who graduate from joint programs such as this will soon be in leadership roles.

“Any student who enrolls in a joint degree program is already highly motivated,” Steinbock said. “By making use of the expertise and resources available across two UT campuses, these graduates will leave the University with specialized knowledge that will be highly sought after by leading healthcare systems and public agencies.”
Students will be required to undergo standard admission procedures for both the JD and MD programs and will make use of summer semesters throughout the program to finish within the six-year window. Students can begin their study in either college and will spend their six years alternating between the two colleges.