UDC offers full-tuition scholarships for public service

The University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law announced new full-tuition scholarships for students wish to pursue careers in the public interest. Up to 20 students will receive the Advocate for Justice scholarship.

UDC, the only public school in the District, will evaluate applicants “holistically based equally on academic talent and their proven commitment as advocates for justice and public service.”

The School of Law's definition of social good is a broad one and includes environmental activists, anti-poverty workers, inner-city school teachers, civil libertarians, labor organizers, political activists, and more.

The 2011 application deadline is April 30th.

“Our goal is to allow committed activists to graduate from law school with minimal debt - free to choose a career path based on their values,” the school said in a statement. “Those who meet these requirements and are District of Columbia residents, people of color, or from groups under-represented in the legal profession are particularly encouraged to apply.”

UDC offers one of the most hands-on law programs in America, requiring all students to provide a minimum of 700 hours of clinical service to low-income people or the public interest in professor-supervised legal clinics.