University of Tulsa slashes tuition 35%

The University of Tulsa College of Law will cut tuition by 35 percent for students entering in 2017 through its new “Access to Legal Education Tuition.”

Tuition at the private school had risen 10 percent over the past three years, to $37,960 for students entering this fall.

But next year, tuition will be just $24,600.

“This tuition reduction is designed to be really transparent about the cost of legal education,” said Dean Lyn Entzeroth.

The school has already had a focus on offering an affordable education. It’s been on National Jurist’s Best Value list thanks to its low cost of living, low debt and high employment rate.

As tuition has gone up, the school has offered more scholarships. Last year, 100 percent of students received scholarships. In 2014-15, 91 percent of full-time students received grants, while the year prior, 73.6 percent of full-time students did.

A preLaw analysis found the average tuition discount in 2014-15 was 54.1 percent — one of the highest of all private schools, and the fourth highest of all law schools. The estimated average net tuition was just $15,835.

The school is ending a regional scholarship program, and funneling the money into the new tuition amount.  

“A better approach is to reduce tuition and have it accessible to students across the country,” Entzeroth said, adding that the university has been very supportive of the law school’s decision.

University of Tulsa will continue to offer other need and merit scholarships. 

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