Valparaiso launches online career tracking system for students

Valparaiso University Law School launched a new mobile online career tracking system for students, called VOLT. The program is designed to help law students plan and complete the necessary steps to advance their careers and pass the bar. It provides students with a scorecard which updates as students complete tasks, and benchmarks their progress against the rest of their class.

VOLT may be the first tool developed specifically to help in law career planning. The school described it as  an essential part in its strategy to engage students as early as possible so they are career-ready after graduation.

VOLT is a password-protected, career planning tracker with one-to-one proactive communication between the school and the students.

“Our student and alumni focus groups told us that very early in their education, students want to be presented with the list of tasks and steps that are important for career preparation and for taking the bar exam,” said Jay Conison, dean, Valparaiso University Law School.  “All that and more is included in VOLT.”

The main functions of VOLT are to:
•         Provide students a scorecard, organized by vital career planning steps.
•         Deliver the student’s progress benchmarked against the rest of the class.
•         Walk students through important steps in order for them to prepare for the bar exam.
•         Access the Valparaiso Career Planning Center’s online home, strategy, job posts and directory.
•         Access the law school calendar of events and the law school’s bi-weekly e-newsletter.
•         Connect directly to the law school’s LinkedIn site.