Ave Maria's dismal bar pass rate

It was a BAD week for…

AVE MARIA School of Law, after its class of 2011 reported a dismal bar pass rate on the Florida exam. Only 11 of 23 first-time takers passed, or 47.8 percent. That was the lowest pass rate for any law school in the state. The school had a 64 percent pass rate in 2010. The Class of 2011 was the last to start law school when the school was based in Michigan.

BEING A HARVARD EMERITUS, after retired Harvard Law School Professor Detlev Vagts plead guilty to motor vehicle homicide. Last summer, Vagts hit and killed a 54-year-old teacher at an all-girls Catholic school in Newton, Mass. He had retired five years earlier from his near half-a-century teaching stint at the top law school and earned the title of “Bemis Professor of International Law, Emeritus.” In addition to a sentence of three years of probation and six months of house arrest, Vagts, 82, is ordered to never drive again.

It was a GOOD week for…

ADVOCATES OF ELDERS, after Marie-Therese Connolly won the prestigious MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant. The director of the Department of Justice’s Elder Justice and Nursing Home Initiative, and the only lawyer out of this year’s 22-person awardee pool, helped create the first federal law to combat the mistreatment and abuse of elders.

The 30-year-old annual award from the Chicago-based foundation also went to a radio host, a neurologist, a New York jazz percussionist and composer, a poet and a Chicago architect, who each get $500,000 over five years to spend as they wish.

Connolly said she plans to use the funds “to address the problems of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.”