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MBE Tips and Strategies
Get the inside scoop from two experts

How Much Time to Spend Studying for Bar Exam
And other advice from a long-time tutor

Advice from a Former Bar Exam Grader
Why applicants fails, what to do when you forget the law

How to Learn from Failure
How past exams can help you, even when the examinee failed.

A Bar Prep course on your IPad?
An interview with the founder of BarMax on how technology is changing the way students study for the bar exam. 

How to Select a Bar Exam Prep Course
Many bar exam review courses and tutoring services have cropped up in the past five years.  With technological developments, and a low fees to get into the business, almost anyone thinks they can start a bar prep business. Read More

A better way to prepare for the bar exam
Bar examinees often make the false assumption that they have to memorize every rule. They buy a bunch of outlines, flashcards, and other bar exam prep materials, thinking they will be in shape for essay questions if they just memorize them all. Read More 

Bar Review Courses

When selecting a commercial bar prep course, students have more options that ever before. From the traditional full service course to online to iPad options. We list the major courses here. Summaries were provided by bar review companies. Click Here to access.

Bar Exam Winners

Law schools ranked by bar exam performance in relation to incoming LSAT scores. Click Here to access.

Bar Exam Diaries

Preparation for the bar exam is always key. Obviously. But there are the basics and some new ways law students prepare for the grueling final exam. The National Jurist asked former student editor and recent law school graduate, Jennifer Pohlman, to chronicle her preparation for the bar exam. Expect humor, frustration and satisfaction.  

Graduation came and went, and to be honest, was very bittersweet.
My first week of bar review seems to have only taught me one thing: I remember absolutely nothing from my first year of law school.
I'm another week deep on BarBri, and I am behind — big time.
It's tough to get back in step on bar studying when you get behind. It's even more difficult when you spend the weekend wrapped in dark blue taffeta sitting at an open bar. 
This week I've been trying to play major catch up.
Surprisingly, my attitude has changed somewhat from law week.
I spent most of the Fourth of July weekend wrapped up in a blanket and studying like a fool (except for a break to watch some fireworks, drink one beer and eat a few hot dogs).
I'm in the final countdown for bar prep, and I'm not completely losing it, which is a shock to me.